Model Failures

by Fires in Japan

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released October 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Fires in Japan Detroit, Michigan

It's just as easy to put a thumb on what exactly we are, but it's just as easy to just take your thumb off, open your ears and just enjoy. We're just 3 dudes with a hope that the 90's punk scene makes its way back and everyone stops spin kicking each other and stops being so angry. ... more

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Track Name: Anchors
Hold me upside down
let the winds calm
and if you're quiet for once
you can hear the sound
of the blood rushing to my head

once I'm right side up
let me know that I was
worth the comparison
between me and the mirror
and if your vanity
had arms it could hold you
warm you more than me

I'm too young to be miserable
I'm too old to be happy

when the "if's" become an ocean wave
then I'll seriously think about that day
dodge the currents of you and me
and, like the Fitzgerald, get swept away
Track Name: My Life Is A Morrissey Song (And I Fucking Hate Violins)
Misery knocks on my door but I can't help but answer
we spoke of fires and deserts and her parrot that swore in spanish
I don't remember too much after that but the feeling of despair
I gave up my ribs to expose all that I really had left

Chapter 11 my emotions
Bankrupt from all that I gave away
You can take this change from my pockets
this weight on my shoulders
It doesn't mean a thing to me

Took so much inventory on absolutely no regret
Did I throw away my disposition or just simply forget?

I wish love was a smoke ring
It'd be the only thing I could give
I'd snap my fingers give you this heart
Fall in love all over again
Track Name: Metlife Windbreaker
Bid the concrete good morning
At least for once you're tired of lying
To yourself, you're not that sad
Just keep repeating this ain't all that bad

Haven't had a bite all day
The hunger cries and I swear that I'm okay
Glad I feel this way right now
Knew this would bite me back somehow

But at least it's safe to say I'd rather be here today
Than back in the vacancies of my head

Tripping over crumpled memories 'cross your floor
That sad look you had at my front door
I tried to drink it away again last night
Sleep through life like an intercontinental flight

Looking out but you don't look in
All my issues? Where do I begin?
Oh, sweet lady, do you know that empty space
The one that never had an exacted place?
Well I found mine but I never could quite fit
All the dive bars, dialogues, and other stupid shit
I gasp for identity and life
When it comes to "sink or swim", sometimes, I feel I'd rather die
Track Name: Three In The Morning Is A Good Time For Bongos
Wake up in the morning to nothing
Not a dime, not a place to go but
All these places, nameless faces, empty bottles
Empty restless arms holding empty picture frames

That once held your words
Lost in the blackouts

Here's another shot of hopelessness
Keep 'em coming; I'm waiting for someone
Coincide broken thoughts to happiness
To hope these modern failures will eventually subside

Restless eyes are floating to the door
Let's pretend we never met before
I'll sing you your favorite songs
And all you have to do is smile
But you're not walking through that door again
Just feign my content with whiskey and gin

Repeat performance
Steady hands on spirits high
Track Name: Play It, Sam
Compiled two scored years from my bedroom wall
In a mason jar you bought me last october
The fireflies you gave me all withered and died
Underneath the weight of you and I
It's so like our time to just wither and drift away

Dug for consciousness
Only to find
I haven't even scratched the earth
Once I get there I will finally bury
All the worst
And hopes
That we once had

Scratching the words lost on its way to my arms
Into the counter tops of every bar
Want to cut my fingers off before it disbands
Next would be my hands, dotted at the wrist
I'd cut them off if it meant to never feel you again

Scratching the words lost on its way to my arms
Hear your voice like a silent alarm
Lay my head in the places it belongs
On the counter tops of every bar
Wish I had a lot more to say
It's so like our time to just wither and drift away
Track Name: Speramus Meliora, Resurget Cineribus
It’s another lovely walk alone on this cold November night
Maybe I’ll make it past Tuesday without an accomplishment
Just count the headlights of cars I’ll never see again
And count the heads of people that I don’t know
Lying asleep in alleyways

I count them out, one, two, and I’ll be sitting in the back
With a smile on my face and no one will know why
I pull the pin, three, four, and duck for cover
Because I know that sound will leave you six feet under

I kick broken concrete across this piece of shit town
Leaving it somewhere else as my message in a bottle
“Will someone save the corpsicles while you stir in your sleep
Knowing this is what you’ve done; this is what you’re paying for”

You count it out (one, two), and I’ll be sitting in the back
With my hat over my eyes like I didn’t see a thing
You drop the bombs (three, four) and try to take the shrapnel
But I can’t guarantee you, because I can only take so much

I hear the roaring of cars beneath my tired feet
Grab the chain link fence just to keep them to the ground
“My dear, you look so tired, and I think our time is spent
Just grab my hand, I’ll take you home, we’ll just avoid the borders”

You count it out (one, two), keep the thoughts in the back
Of my mind because I know no one will understand
I’m falling out (three, four), and feel myself fading
Into the gravel and the tar beneath my feet

I feel bad for writing this now
I feel bad for not knowing how
To kick this sense of helplessness
When everyone else is such a mess
I’m bitching about what I don’t know
I’ll piss a note out into the snow
And no one will know if they’re “Ls” or “Is”
I think we’re all just desensitized
Of the effects of what we do or say
So I stopped thinking
And started writing