Despair, Malice, & Whiskey

by Fires in Japan

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Despair, Malice, & Whiskey was recorded in front of a dead studio audience October of 2010 at Cecil Studios St. Clair Shores, MI. Engineered by Erik Ladendorf and Cedric Yee


released November 11, 2010

Andrew Serwach: Guitar/Vocals
David Holder: Bass/Vocals
Robert Duncan: Drums/Vocals

All Songs Written and Performed By Fires in Japan
Lyrics By Andrew Serwach (Despair, Malice, and Whiskey Lyrics By David Holder).



all rights reserved


Fires in Japan Detroit, Michigan

It's just as easy to put a thumb on what exactly we are, but it's just as easy to just take your thumb off, open your ears and just enjoy. We're just 3 dudes with a hope that the 90's punk scene makes its way back and everyone stops spin kicking each other and stops being so angry. ... more

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Track Name: Such Young Hearts
Stop the nightmare fade to black. There was never a time I thought I'd see you like that, a kick to the heart stops kicking tonight. This is too much, my friend.

So I'll down this one just for you. As a gift I'll give you this tune. A sorrowful march these open arms. It's so hard to say goodbye, but I promised I'd be honest.

Haven't fell that hard in a while. Freshest memories were you always in a smile. Sunk to reality with cigarettes I didn't need; we weren't that close my friend.

So I'll down this one just for you. Such young hearts sing such sorrowful tunes. The sidewalk clicks depressingly. As everyone hopes to find some answers, I hope they were answered honestly.

We all saw you covered in black. There was never a time I'd thought I'd see you like that. Close the curtains don't want to feel this tonight, I was wasted and crying as you drove away.

So I'll down this one just for you, or instead I'll give you this tune. Thrown together in memory and all the smiles. It's never easy saying goodbye, I never did.

So I hope this is just as good as sharpie on poster board, all I can do is just hope that you hear me.
Track Name: Elbows
well I know she's uncertain I've certainly put all my efforts in the wrong direction and I'm facing the facts now as she heads for the door a kiss on the cheek and a smile goodbye.

An awkward moment or two between her and I
but I'm still so uncertain

I guess that's the answer blurry and snowy I can already see all the leaves falling change is what you make of the world but I guess I'll just have to leave that for everybody else.

She told I'm just apathetic and I let her know there's a difference from the way that I feel so bad about everything but not ever acting on it and apathy

I never stopped caring about her and I
but I'm just fucking pathetic

I guess that's the answer blurry and snowy I can already see all the leaves falling gravity pulls you down without you knowing well I guess it's just one of a million theories.
Track Name: Runaway Circus Clown
A twirl of smoke like a halo over your head I wondered if you were just joking around but it seemed serious like a heart attack you got your dowel and everything in a handkerchief.

Two negatives equals a positive you just can't keep running away from yourself this is life right now the circus will eventually leave this town.

you cried out your eyes like you heard the disaster march it was for the best ringleader can't always bring you down he doesn't run your show so just don't react don't fly the trapeze if you're gonna be doing it without a net.

Wake up from your childhood naivety it's more than just face paint and back flips you're your own ringleader now so stop sticking your head in the lions mouth.

He doesn't have to always paint that huge smile across your pretty face because clowns are allowed to cry too.
Track Name: 9999 Miles
It's become so sad now that the nights worn off bumps and cracks in the road have been smoothed out construction seems to vanish into the distance visions come and leave like the late night calls I used to hate and now I want them back

It's become so crazy that every time I drive under overpasses in this town they have all some sentimental point at least they had visitors for a while

And the boombox ran out of batteries and the last song fizzes out we're all hanging onto the cages for dear life just to feel we're worth something And we don't need to jump off just because we never ended up going home anyway

and the gauge on my car reads 9999 miles some believe that it's a sign of an angel's blessing well if they really cared about all my shit well they'd give me a glass and they would refill this fifth and I give them a toast.

I can't believe I've driven out so far just to makes this feel the way I wanted it bored of simple lives and conveniences well at least it seemed it was fun for a while

now the lights at my old house are off and so many memories are lost we're all just hanging on for dear life because we can't handle this ourselves want to make our way back to the beaufait overpass.

and I don't know if I need to reminisce.